Postdoctoral Fellows


Gilda Ennis, Ph.D.


CV: Ennis CV_2015

After receiving a B.S. degree in Medical Technology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I worked as a medical technologist and a medical laboratory technology instructor. I then received an M.A. in Liberal Studies and Ph.D. in Psychology at North Carolina State University. My doctoral dissertation investigated the effect of orally administered glucose upon the associative memory deficit in non-diabetic older adults. I am broadly interested in the relationship between health factors and cognition in older adulthood and have a specific interest in the relationship of glucose metabolism to cognition and neural structure and function in non-diabetic older adults. I am also interested in the relationship between cortisol and cognition and have used secondary data to examine if urinary cortisol predicts Alzheimer’s disease risk and if the cortisol awakening response is related to cognition across the adult lifespan.